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Stéphane Penafiel & Jean-Yves Bourthoumieu

Business lawyers



The cooperation and joint development of skills of two recognized experts in their field


Stéphane Penafiel has over twenty years’ experience as a business lawyer, with ten years as in-house general counsel for multinational companies.


In 2005, when working as in-house counsel for a company within the Taittinger Group, he decided to establish his own law firm specializing in business law.  Since then, he has created and delivered a range of innovative services, offering legal advice and litigation management that fully meets the needs of companies.


After an initial experience as in-house counsel, Jean-Yves Bourthoumieu has also worked as a business lawyer since qualifying in 2003. Working in a business law firm in Paris, he has provided advice, assistance, and litigation management services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multi-national groups.  Joining Stéphane Penafiel’s team from 2007 onwards, he has developed and led the delivery of a new service line to meet clients’ needs.


In 2011, Stéphane Penafiel and Jean-Yves Bourthoumieu jointly founded PB-Avocats law firm, working toward a shared goal of acting as true partners to their enterprise clients.


To make this partnership real, we work together with our clients, advising them with the same degree of efficiency and pragmatism as an in-house team, while retaining the analytical independence that defines the role of the lawyer. This has allowed us to develop a multi-disciplinary range of services that cover the entire field of a business legal practice in order to meet our clients’ needs in an efficient, timely and ongoing manner.


An expertise based on experience, and a commitment that has stood the test of time


Our legal expertise, both in terms of legal advice and litigation, is always informed and enhanced by our practical knowledge, both in France and internationally.  This is the guarantee of always having tailor-made, reliable, and efficient solutions.  When partnering with our clients for a project, we provide assistance to identify and address specific issues, help them to understand risks (and how likely they are to occur) and implement the solutions that our experience shows to be most effective.


We also operate as our clients’ long-term partners, and we integrate customized solutions that fit with their business environment with the risk that they face, taking on board their uncertainties and challenges in order to anticipate their needs. Sharing the burden of responsibility you have, we stand by your side to provide guidance with  your  decision making; to such an extent that, for ten years or more, some of our clients have chosen to invite us to attend their executive committee.  Our long-term presence at your side means that we can be held accountable for our recommendations on a daily basis.

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A multi-skilled approach

A portfolio of expertise in every fields of company law that fully meets your needs



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